3 ways to track a stolen or lost MacBook and other devices

A while ago I blogged about how to track your Blackberry should it ever get lost or stolen, now a friend asked me if I knew any way to track a MacBook Pro since she had her previous device stolen without having installed tracking software.

So during my investigations earlier on today, I came across two  three solutions. Please note that one of these solutions must be implemented and installed to be able to track a device, and cannot be used to find an already stolen device, unfortunately.

The first is an application called Hidden. This application starts at $15 p/year to secure one device and the Hidden team promise to work with Police to recover stolen devices.

The second is called Undercover, and can be used to protect both MacBooks and iOS devices like iPads, iPods and iPhones. To buy the Mac OS  version, you will need to fork over $49, whilst the iOS version costs $4.99. A great feature of Undercover is that you can cause a remote hardware failure that will force the thief to take it for repair, and then notify the repairer that the device is stolen. Pretty smart!

The third is the option I tried personally, mostly because there is a FREE option to secure up to 3 devices but there are Pro Plans starting from $5 a month. I tested the Free-for-life plan and am happy with the results. The application is called Prey and is an open-source tracking system for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Ubunta and even Android! Installation was quick and easy and setup was as easy as sneezing.

There you have it, 3 alternatives, stay safe out there!

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– Hector

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