Reminder to Blackberry Users: Install this now!

A while ago I blogged about a free application that could help you locate a stolen/misplaced Blackerry device over on my personal blog.

Since then however, several of my friends and colleagues have still managed to lose their devices. For this reason, I am posting a reminder to other Blackberry device users to head over to that article to have a read.

The application allows the phone’s owner to:

  • Play a loud sound, even if the phone is on silent.
  • Lock the device with a new password.
  • Display a custom message on the devices screen.
  • Remotely backup or recover messages and data from a device.
  • Delete EVERYTHING from the phone via a secure website.

To read the article head over to :

Hope it helps you or your friends,

Keep the passion,

Hector Kolonas
Managing Director

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