Wake up Samsung, Apple and HTC! RIM is down!

We noticed earlier today that Blackberry’s Internet Services had been down in Manchester, United Kingdom. A few moments ago, Blackberry announced (via their fan-page on Facebook) that there was a problem with their services in Europe, Africa and other regions.

The question popped straight into our minds… as people became visually upset about the outage on social-networks, why weren’t RIM’s competitors sweeping in to market their devices just before the Christmas shopping and wish-list period?

Samsung could’ve easily swooped in with their beautiful Galaxy S2 device, offered a new breathe of fresh air with Android OS and even boasted that even though BIS was down, their internet users were online.

Apple just released their iPhone 4S and they could’ve swooped in on the agitated Blackberry user’s need for reliable phones.

HTC could have also pushed across their Desire range to grab from the fashionable Blackberry user-base.

A missed opportunity we think, or have they still got something up their sleeves? We wait and see.

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