Now that we’ve found another ‘Earth’… what should we call it?

After reading an article stating that an Earth-like planet has been discovered, the question that crosses many (ok… well not that many) peoples’ minds is… What should we call it!?

We’re sure there are many more creative names than the official ‘Kepler 22-b’. How could we possibly plan on selling real-estate or holidays to a location with such a scientific-like name!?

The inner-geek in all of us would go straight in for the obvious and call it Earth 2.0, where we could maybe start over and avoid our ancestors previous mistakes.

We could call it something totally different, and take the approach of the original British colonial powers, shipping the ‘outcasts’ to settle there. This approach worked pretty well for the founding and development of USA and Australia from colonies to thriving 1st world nations. However calling a planet ‘Little Earth’ when it is about 2.4 times bigger than actual Earth is just silly.

All in all, everything starts with a name… what would you call the new planet?

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