Trending: Sir David Attenborough has been arrested!

It’s spreading over the internet like mad, and everyone is talking about it. The legendary documentary maker, broadcaster and naturalist has been arrested, for TROLLING!

The world renowned face of natural history programmes, was arrested in a covert operation in which a joint task-force of the British Online Intelligence and a sub-section of the FBI cracked down on online-bullying.

Arrested during the non-violent raids, were several middle-aged men and women who argued for their freedom of speech and association. That topic is a whole different discussion altogether, but the facts remain and the story appears to becoming clearer every hour.

The television veteran went under names like Iowana Applefiz and … well yea we can’t even keep a straight face whilst typing this article. If you fell for it, Happy April Fools day, if you didn’t… oh well.

Ofcourse this article is a total fabrication to attempted comical effect and Sir David Attenborough has not been arrested for trolling. 

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