Find your way through Manchester Airport and 40+ other UK buildings with Google Maps

According to a Google Lat Long blog post, you can now browse and find locations inside more than 40 buildings in the UK with the latest version of Google Maps for Android devices.

Although most are in London, we do see Manchester’s airport there in the list.  We see this navigation assistance becoming more and more useful as they expand the locations they display.

From their blog:

Just open Google Maps on your Android mobile phone, zoom in to the location you’re in and the indoor floor plan magically appears. And for buildings where the information is available, we’ll even show you where you are on the map with a familiar blue dot if you’ve enabled the My Location feature. Next, search for the location you’d like to get to (Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station or Peter Jones in Sloane Square) and we’ll provide directions to help you get there – even if you’re on a completely different floor.

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