Instagram Web Profiles for Some, On The Way for the rest of us

We all knew it was coming, and with it’s completed acquisition by Facebook, it’s about time Instagram made use of their space on the ‘traditional’ web.

And how they have! Beautiful timeline-like profiles can be found for some popular brands (see Nike for eg) and more functionality in the commenting and liking areas has been added.

“This allows you to have a single destination to point people at to see all your beautiful photos,” Instagram founder Kevin Systrom told Alexia Tsotsis of Techcrunch (Click here to read her article)

What this means for brands, is it also gives a whole new network in the photo world. This could essentially mean that Facebook will have a secondary network creeping up on Pinterest, and eventually ending flickr’s era of uploaded galleries (well those that aren’t already on Facebook already).

We continue to follow the developments…

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