How to remove MyBizCard and stop annoying your LinkedIn contacts

We’ve seen many many many, well too damn many, messages and complaints about the way spams people’s contacts on LinkedIn.

Whilst I haven’t used the service, and cannot vouch for it’s usefulness, I can provide the information you may need to get rid of it, you know, if you want to:

1) Click ‘Settings
2) Click ‘Groups, Companies, & Applications
3) Click ‘View your Applications
4) Check ‘myBizCard
5) Click ‘Remove

So there you have it, 5 steps, no more spammy messages to groups of your contacts. All done.

Keep the passion,

Hector Kolonas

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  1. When I tried those steps all I got was a message saying an error had occurred. Tried several times, followed all the steps suggested by LinkedIn support to no avail. Have closed my account

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