eWI: Shifting from API Key to Personal Access Tokens

This week Intercom will stop allowing their customers to create API Keys for integrating with other systems.

We’ve updated the Ektagon Woocommerce to Intercom plugin to allow for a seamless switch between API Keys and Personal Access Tokens (PATs).

Why Access Tokens?

Whilst the recommended route of integrating with Intercom is to create an OAuth flow, that would require us putting a server between your beautiful Woocommerce stores and the lovely Intercom system.

We took the decision to use single-use Personal Access Tokens instead because we know how vital, and most times private, the synced data is. This way your sites can continue to sync directly into intercom and we don’t add any additional risk into your business processes.

What Changes?

We’ve tested and uploaded v0.3.2, which customers can download via your account page, and customer-centric woocommerce store operators can buy the plugin here.

On the settings page you’ll see a new toggle to turn on Personal Access Tokens and a field below it for your unique PAT code.

PAT codes can be requested via your Intercom settings page here, or see a quick screenscast here of how quickly you can grab yours.

Whilst your API keys will still work for the time-being, Intercom has recommended that if you are currently using API Keys, you will need to switch these to Personal Access Tokens by January 2017.

This PAT code is never shared with us, and we’ll never ask for it outside of the form on your WooCommerce settings. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYONE.

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