Smart Tagging brings more context from WooCommerce Subscriptions into Intercom

The beta version of the WooCommerce Memberships to Intercom addon introduced an experimental ‘smart tagging‘ function.

This function created the ability for membership-site operators to run even more intelligent auto and context-based messaging through Intercom.

With v1.12 of the eWI Core (the powerful WooCommerce to Intercom syncing plugin), we’ve brought this Smart Tagging function to WooCommerce Subscriptions too.

It’s been added as a toggle-able new setting, and when enabled will automatically do the following each time a Subscription’s status changes:

  • Tag the customer with “{Subscription Name} – {New Status}”.
  • Untag the customer with “{Subscription Name} – {Old Status}”.
  • If the customer holds any active subscription tags them with “subscriber”, otherwise untags them.

An example is if a subscription called Golden Membership gets cancelled, the customer is tagged with ‘Golden Membership – cancelled‘ and if it exists the ‘Golden Membership – active‘ tag is removed from the customer.

This allows you to create powerful new automatic messages, as well as adding you more granular filtering to Intercom’s Platform view.

We can’t wait to see how this helps you drive up your revenues.

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