• Little Monsters Perfect Pair – Photo Competition

    We absolutely love this brand!

    Not only are they an awesome team to work with, they truly love their jobs, the pets they care for and the pet-homes they create.

    When we needed to remind people that there are awesome pet parents out here, and around the island, we turned to the public. And they responded. In force!

    A totally bespoke platform design with our friends from Divine Advertising we poured our resources into building, launching and maintaining the infrastructure.

  • Quickstep Slide Challenge

    We had to come up with a creative way to engage people with this clients beautiful products.
    However, as Quickstep Cyprus do flooring, and do it well, we needed to capture people’s attention whilst surrounding the experience with branding and examples of the brand’s products.

    Thus we put together a quick puzzle and challenged people to try it out.

    The client even threw in a prize (and even got a client of theirs to join in and extend the campaign) to sweeten the deal for one of those users who completed the puzzle.

  • CHINO King or Queen

    Sometimes we go a bit overboard with our partners Divine Advertising, and then sometimes we’re encouraged to go a bit further.

    That’s what happened here…

    In order to reward the massive offline fan-base of CHINO, we were told to send out 300 prizes as fast as possible. These prizes included merchandise, free blenders and even free CHINO for a year.

    We did and their followers loved every day of it, quickly collecting them a healthy 5,000 Likes on Facebook.

  • So Easy Daily Winners 2

    With the tremendous success of the first So Easy Daily Winners competition, the client asked us to launch another one. Immediately!

    This time, they wanted to give away 33 41 daily prizes at random.

    Once again this spun around the island and quickly reached Greek cities, whose inhabitants asked to compete too. Unfortunately they couldn’t but its nice to get brand exposure in surrounding markets for our clients.

  • So Easy Daily Winners 1

    After the completion of our first campaign for So Easy Stores we started working on something even better.

    We needed something social, we needed something simple, we needed something integrated deeply into Facebook.

    We were left no choice, we started from scratch, we built a unique platform that rewarded 5 lucky people a day, on the spot, right there and then, with a basket full of goodies from their local store.