• Little Monsters Perfect Pair – Photo Competition

    We absolutely love this brand!

    Not only are they an awesome team to work with, they truly love their jobs, the pets they care for and the pet-homes they create.

    When we needed to remind people that there are awesome pet parents out here, and around the island, we turned to the public. And they responded. In force!

    A totally bespoke platform design with our friends from Divine Advertising we poured our resources into building, launching and maintaining the infrastructure.

  • Quickstep Slide Challenge

    We had to come up with a creative way to engage people with this clients beautiful products.
    However, as Quickstep Cyprus do flooring, and do it well, we needed to capture people’s attention whilst surrounding the experience with branding and examples of the brand’s products.

    Thus we put together a quick puzzle and challenged people to try it out.

    The client even threw in a prize (and even got a client of theirs to join in and extend the campaign) to sweeten the deal for one of those users who completed the puzzle.

  • CHINO King or Queen

    Sometimes we go a bit overboard with our partners Divine Advertising, and then sometimes we’re encouraged to go a bit further.

    That’s what happened here…

    In order to reward the massive offline fan-base of CHINO, we were told to send out 300 prizes as fast as possible. These prizes included merchandise, free blenders and even free CHINO for a year.

    We did and their followers loved every day of it, quickly collecting them a healthy 5,000 Likes on Facebook.

  • So Easy Daily Winners 2

    With the tremendous success of the first So Easy Daily Winners competition, the client asked us to launch another one. Immediately!

    This time, they wanted to give away 33 41 daily prizes at random.

    Once again this spun around the island and quickly reached Greek cities, whose inhabitants asked to compete too. Unfortunately they couldn’t but its nice to get brand exposure in surrounding markets for our clients.

  • So Easy Daily Winners 1

    After the completion of our first campaign for So Easy Stores we started working on something even better.

    We needed something social, we needed something simple, we needed something integrated deeply into Facebook.

    We were left no choice, we started from scratch, we built a unique platform that rewarded 5 lucky people a day, on the spot, right there and then, with a basket full of goodies from their local store.


    Via our work with we come along quite a few great projects, and some of those help expose the talents of our island’s artists.

    When we were approached by the organizers, we jumped straight in and sponsored the whole competition platform.

    The platform allowed the general public to vote and promote their favourite acts, using Facebook’s platform for an added extra bit of promotion.

    We now look to work with the winners ahead of some more projects aimed at helping talented individuals get noticed.

  • BigPick (Beta)

    The Problem:
    Working with blogs and Facebook a lot, we realised that a lot of the great (mostly graphic) content we were sharing with our client’s fans was not receiving the exposure and awareness they deserved.

    The Solution:
    People respond better, with Likes and Shares, to images as oppose to the text-heavy layout of shared links. We need a way to share, from our blog feeds, to our Facebook Brand Timelines, that is attractive and eye-catching.

    The Concept:
    We created a platform that lets a Any Brand Timeline Administrator add a feed to parse for that brand.
    This feed is then parsed and an image extracted from the og:image metatag for each item.
    (This is the same metatag Facebook uses to grab thumbnails of articles.).
    The Admin then presses a single button and the item of his/her choice is beamed beautifully to the Brand’s Timeline.

    The Next Step:
    – Building on your feedback, we will be finalising more features and pushing the system onto a faster CDN to make it respond faster.
    – We have a content discover network planned, which will not only promote your content, but your Brand’s timeline too. (Watch this space)

  • Little Monsters Adoption Center

    When we heard and spoke to the Little Monsters Petshop team whilst they prepared to revolutionise the pets industry in Cyprus, we noticed something amazing, something that blew us away.

    These guys LOVE animals and have made it their mission to Help People Be Better Pet Parents.

    A few chats later, and we had come up with an idea to help the whole scene, a way to get abandoned or homeless pets into loving families, an adoption center.

    And thus, we built it, with design-brilliance from Divine Advertising and then build a widget (which is currently being tested on before it is released publicly.

  • It’s a Sign competition

    When Divine Advertising wanted to launch the social presence of Pissis Signs, we built an online raffle in which we gave an entry for every friend invited to the competition.

    The Prize was a unique-collectable sign of the winner’s choice from the vast collection owned by Pissis Signs.

    We continue to develop the social and online presence for this client via our partnership with the big purple advertising agency.

  • GreatVoucher App

    We have been heavily involved with the online promotion of Great, the Greek-style chain of restaurants launched across Cyprus, via our partners in the region Divine Advertising.

    This platform is built to reward the early adopted who have joined the ‘Great Community’ on Facebook with a 30% discount at their restaurant.

    The system was designed to allow for one unique voucher to be generated for each user who applies for one.
    These vouchers can only be used once and are validated for authenticity.

  • Floralink Bonsai Competition

    We were called in to help the creatives at Divine Advertising to implement a social-sharing application for the launch of the Floralink Facebook page.

    The Concept:

    A lottery, with every invitation you sent being an additional entry into the draw for a Bonsai tree worth €500.

    The Results:

    Just under 7,000 invites were sent during the duration of the campaign, providing a great deal of brand awareness and exposure for the Floralink brand via electronic word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

  • Divine Island

    We joined together with Divine Advertising to run a competition for their new fan page.

    The competition rewarded users who invited more of their friends to the fan page.

    Over several weeks the competition dished out over €4,000 worth of prizes and showed the agency’s power to arrange successful online competitions in the Cypriot market.

    Prizes were provided by:
    Creative Tours
    Santa Marina Retreat
    T.G.I Fridays
    Evans Jewellery
    Patriotis Distributors
    Fasouri Waterpark
    Gloss Hair & Beauty
    Ooozoo Steel Watches
    Nicolaides Opticians
    Floralink Suppliers
    Guaba Beach Bar
    MED Restaurant
    redcube Furniture

  • 7 Seas Reloaded FB

    The live-music venue in the heart of Limassol, came to us to solve a problem for them. This problem was the ability to merge their Facebook place with their established Facebook fan page. After a bit of researching and a little experimentation, the 7 Seas became the first venue in Cyprus to have a merged location and fan page, allowing users to check in and spread the word about the venue. Not a new technology but a first in Cyprus.

    We continually work with the venue to bring its fans and followers great exciting content and interesting competition.s


    Guaba Beach Bar is always looking for new ways to reward its users, and after the success of their last “Countdown to Summer” competition through our platform in 2010, we were quick to snap up our recommendation of the LikePix platform for their constantly growing fan-base to show their love for the summer venue.

    As this competition platform is currently live we can currently state that in the opening day this campaign attracted over 5,000 visitors and is going strong.


    We proudly ran the social-media marketing of

    Their campaign includes the management of their profiles on Facebook and Twitter as well as the creation of two custom landing pages.

    The Welcome Tab
    The landing tab includes a video of current users exclaiming why they like the website that provides free money-saving tips for students by students. It called for users to ‘Like’ the page if they liked saving money.

    The £50 Tip of the Month Competition
    A custom competition custom tab was developed to allow’s Facebook fans to submit their biggest tip in each month’s topic. The most popular and thus most ‘liked’ tip would reward its author with £50 in cash.


    When the guys from The S7S Lockdown got in touch with us for a creative way to run their ‘ALL I DO IS WIN’ charity campaign in support of the Make a Wish foundation, we we happy to launch powered by our very own LikePix competition platform.

    The Idea
    Users could upload pictures of themselves in the merchandise they purchased to aid the charity, and the most ‘liked’ photo would win.

    The Response
    During the 2 month campaign the platform attracted 9,251 visitors who viewed 16,884 pages.

    See How We got the charity 743,600 BSS.

  • CatchyPotato Experiment

    This is another of our solo projects in which a traditional idea (the ‘Hot Potato’ children’s game) was turned into a viral-marketing gaming platform.

    The concept of the initial game was sparked off after a discussion, about other projects Hector had planned to develop in the near future, with Paris (his youngest brother). At some point the term ‘hot potato’ was introduced and then the whole idea exploded into his head. So he grabbed a notepad and pen and started scribbling down notes and algorithms that could be used to launch such a game as quickly as possible.

    24 hours later, the first version of Hot Potato was installed on top of the Hottest OnThisIsland platform and it was successful enough to warrant the investment in a new domain, logo and concept case.

    Now standing alone and independent of the HOTI platform, slowly taking a life of its own with plans for a CatchyMarket being mulled over now, in which user’s points can be swapped for discounts at popular stores, rewarding them for the time they’ve taken to play.


    Yet another awesome project for a client of Divine Advertising.

    This time the idea was to a) boost sales and b) persuade unbiased friends of current customers to prefer shopping at one of the branded So-Easy stores.

    So the incentive given to spread the word was created; for every purchase registered into the online system the customer could stand in line to win some impressive prices. The difference between this and other ‘similar’ systems is that it fosters the power of the Facebook Connect API in order to create a potential snowball-effect as well as aiding the users in being able to register for the site as quickly as possible.

    Project Duration : September till December 2010


    This was one of the first campaigns to be built exclusively for a private company for one of Divine Advertising‘s many amazing clients.

    The idea is to extend the exposure for the entry of the Seabob product to the Cypriot market. As the idea of an ‘underwater jet-ski type toy‘ is hard to convey in words or even images, the system was built to create an incentive for users to share videos about the product and its capabilities.

    The concept is simple, the more friends a user gets to register on the landing page containing the videos, the more points they gather. Each month the user with the most points wins Seabob merchandise and could ultimately walk (or dive) away with their very own awesome Seabob.

    Went Live : August 2010

  • WIN OnThisIsland

    This was the second of our platforms to be developed and tested under the project.

    The idea : Our first dabble in online word-of-mouth on a per product basis. The user will be entered into a competition on the basis that they agree to share the fact that they entered the competition for the specific product on their social network profile. The more users who enter the further the brand exposure of the product/prize and the sponsoring company are pushed into the networks.

    This site is primarily run for the promotion of venues, clubs and events across Cyprus.

    Went Live : December 2009

  • Hottest OnThisIsland

    This site was originally built as an experiment to further test the snowball-effect of a marketing campaign, this time built on the Facebook Connect API.

    Allowing users to login with a single click-using their facebook account, whilst also using the social network to promote the user’s claim to being the Hottest On This Island and in-turn promoting the site and it’s sponsors.

    Thanks to Divine Advertising (who liked the idea and pledged their support for the project), the site was launched in the summer of 2009 and reached tens of thousands of facebook users island-wide. The competition platform was redesigned and re-launched again in 2010, creating the way of an annual Online Beauty competition to be born.

    With the great success of this project, even more snowball-hunting systems and concepts were created and are either in development or have been launched.

    Went Live : June 2009

  • Cyprus Events Application

    Always sticking to upcoming technologies, the Cyprus Events application was built in order to test the impact of building facebook applications for companies. And who better to build it for than my own site,

    This was not only the first facebook application in Cyprus, but the start of a whole new market for myself, leading to the development of many new marketing platforms.

    The project was (and is) a massive success with over 4,000 individuals using it to find events island-wide through the ‘comfort’ of their own facebook profiles, fan pages and groups.

    Went live : 2007


    This was our online baby. Originally launched as a way of informing friends and their friends about upcoming concerts in Cyprus, the site quickly took on its own life. DJs, event promoters, and other event enthusiasts dived in to submit content, provide tips or even hint about rumours of upcoming gigs.

    Now running as an online magazine, it is slowly becoming a brand in itself for the finding and exploring of all events island-wide, whilst still providing some unique opinions, news articles and exclusive interviews with some of the worlds movers-and-shakers.

    Went Live : 3 April 2005