Competition Platforms

ektagon’s greatest strength is building creative online competition platforms.

These platforms create a unique stream of brand exposure for our clients via social networks.

We have found that giving users and incentive to interact with a brand, not only familiarizes them with the brand and its products/services but also allows them to feel confident enough to spread the message to their friends in a personal and unobtrusive way.

Using this finding, our team works hard on creating platforms that will allow for the rapid distribution of our awesome clients’ brand message.

We have a range of ready-made platforms that we offer to our clients to boost their online campaigns, they include:

  • The LikePix Platform – Picture Rating Competition Platform
  • The HottestWin Platform – A Community Based Competition Platform
  • The OneClick Platform – A ‘Because-all-we-really-need-is-one-click-and-a-smile’ Platform

We also love developing custom competition platforms and concepts for our growing group of internet-savvy clients. For more information, feel free to contact us or to see examples simply have a browse of our Porfolio page.


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