Smart Tagging brings more context from WooCommerce Subscriptions into Intercom

The beta version of the WooCommerce Memberships to Intercom addon introduced an experimental ‘smart tagging‘ function. This function created the ability for membership-site operators to run even more intelligent auto and context-based messaging through Intercom. With v1.12 of the eWI Core (the powerful WooCommerce to Intercom syncing plugin), we’ve brought this Smart Tagging function to […]

How to: reduce churn with WooCommerce Memberships and Intercom

Some superb membership sites and online communities leverage WooCommerce Membership to handle their payments and membership management. We’ve recently released the beta of the Memberships Addon for the ektagon WooCommerce to Intercom (eWI) syncing plugin. The goal of this Addon is to put even more power into the hands of your marketing, customer support and […]

New Addon for Syncing WooCommerce Memberships to Intercom

Run a premium online community powered by SkyVerge’s powerful WooCommerce Memberships plugin?Then we have some great news! With our new Addon, you’ll be able to see and use your customers’ Membership changes, tags and meta data in Intercom. Under the patronage of an extremely generous eWI Core customer, we’ve been working hard on an addon […]

Syncing WooCommerce Subscriptions to Intercom now even more powerful

We believe that subscription sites succeed or fail based on the quality of their customer support. And so, the WooCommerce Subscriptions module of our WooCommerce to Intercom plugin got some ❤️ this dev sprint. v1.10 is in internal testing now and should be released this week. ? Alongside some small tweaks to the automatic subscriber […]

How to: Send custom attributes from WordPress/WooCommerce into Intercom

Our premium plugin syncs a tonne of valuable information from WooCommerce to Intercom. But each store isn’t created equal and we knew that some store owners would want to sync unique data into Intercom. This document runs over a few ways you can sync across custom attributes into Intercom, but before we dive into the […]

It’s official: eWI WooCommerce syncing plugin added to Intercom Integrations hub

Earlier today, the Intercom Platform team have made our light-weight Woo-to-Intercom syncing plugin available via both their Integration page and in-app Integration hub making our integration available to all WooCommerce store owners looking to better leverage Intercom’s features and functionality. On the 13th of August 2015, we published a small page mentioning that we had […]

How To: Add Product Meta to Line Items in Orders (Woocommerce 3.0+)

From time to time, developers or store owners want to sync across hidden meta values or custom fields from Products to corresponding Line Items in Orders. There were a few ways to do this before Woocommerce 3.0, and some may still work, but with CRUD functions being the new (and recommended) way forward, we were […]

Company details from Woocommerce now synced into Intercom

Summary: Our Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin (nicknamed eWI) now syncs both Company and Phone attributes into Intercom’s built-in fields too! One of the most popular requests we were getting from our eWI customers was for the ability sync across Company details from orders, so that they can take advantage of Intercom’s powerful ‘Companies’ CRM […]

Syncing multiple Woocommerce stores to one Intercom account

When we launched the Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin, we knew it would create value for the folks who run some amazing online stores. Some of our customers have told us that being able to sync across customer interactions, with meta-data, in real-time gave them what appeared to be magical mind-reading powers. Since then we’ve […]

Syncing 1000s of customers from Woocommerce into Intercom

This week we’ll be releasing the refactored version of our plugin to sync Woocommerce to Intercom, and with it a major upgrade to our Bulk Syncing engine. Back when we added Bulk Syncing, it was designed to run through all of a site’s customers and systematically group them into batches of 99, and then ping […]

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