It’s official: eWI WooCommerce syncing plugin added to Intercom Integrations hub

Earlier today, the Intercom Platform team have made our light-weight Woo-to-Intercom syncing plugin available via both their Integration page and in-app Integration hub making our integration available to all WooCommerce store owners looking to better leverage Intercom’s features and functionality. On the 13th of August 2015, we published a small page mentioning that we had […]

Event organisers, meet coverage

This morning, we’re super proud to announce a brand new ektagon service, One of the biggest problems with events is the fact that they are, by their very nature, time-sensitive… ie once they’re done, they done. This means that trying to figure out what happened at that demo-day, conference, hackathon or other fast-paced event […]

Help test our WooCommerce + Intercom plugin

We’re used to building, marrying or hacking WordPress plugins for clients or projects with specific setups and requirements. We’re working on our first premium plugin which is being built for a whole community of online stores. Bringing WooCommerce info into Intercom This plugin is designed to automate the flow of information from WooCommerce orders across […]

Introducing for quick and easy online CVs in minutes

It’s with great pride that we announce the launch of, which helps job-seekers build (and easily maintain) an online CV in just minutes. With so many people applying to jobs through networking and social media, we wanted to make something clean and simple that got your CV seen and shared easily. Built during a […]

We’re not abandoning Cyprus… we’re working to enable it.

We’ve been promoting events, news and opinions in Cyprus since first went live on the 5th of April 2005. We, like many other Cyprus-based businesses, had very different plans for what we wanted to be doing in April of 2013, ours even included an 8th-birthday celebration for that little corner of the web. But, alas, the […]

Desk&Co Logo

New competition platform for Entrepreneurs in Cyprus via Desk&Co

We’re proud to have built a quick platform for the Desk&Co launch in Cyprus. The competition platform will award one local entrepreneur a ticket to the HackCyprus Insights conference at Hilton Park in Nicosia on Sunday the 8th of September. With 13 world class startup and technology guests and speakers and 4 hands-on workshops with industry experts, it […]

Bye bye Copy & Paste Meme App for Facebook Chat!

The time has come for us to close up shop (and wipe the databases) at our Copy-and-Paste Meme App. It’s been a lot of fun, and we saw 10’s of thousands of chatters use the app during its time online, but with the official sticker store being as beautiful as it is and our shift […]

Hackers directing an international 100,000-bot attack on WordPress sites

According to TechCrunch, sources at both HostGator and CloudFlare have been seeing a spike in bot attempts to bruteforce the login details for administrator accounts on WordPress sites across their networks. Although they’ve advised admins to use long-difficult passwords and various preventative plugins, the number of bots at this groups disposal is thought to be […]

How to make any site Harlem Shake! Thanks to @moovwebdev

We love the bookmarklet released by Moovweb that lets you make ANY site on ze internet do the Harlem Shake! (See their blog post about this awesome valentines day present to us all) 1) Drag this link to your bookmarks bar -> Make It Shake! (Or Click it for a quick demo) 2) Click it, watch […]

Run Magento? We have an early gift for you!

We’re just about to launch a new platform and service to help Magento store owners drive more sales via Facebook. Currently we are in stealth testing with select partners, but plan for a larger roll-out over the coming weeks. If you, or your friends/clients/colleagues, run a Magento store, get in touch with us below to […]

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