Breaking: Facebook changes rules, 3rd party apps no-longer needed for competitions

In a move set to upset many social platform developers, like us, Facebook has changed the rules. You may now, officially, run competitions ON Facebook, without the need for any externally hosted applications. But this is why you probably don’t want to: 1) Time is valuable Using Likes as votes and entries will take time […]

First Impressions of the New Facebook Timeline layout

Having a look at the new Facebook Timeline layout, it’s growing on me, and this is why. 1) Separation between Information and Interactions  Finally, it’s easy to see the difference between Information (the things one does, likes, watches, goes, listens to, pins, follows and acts on) and their Interactions (status updates, wall posts, shared links, […]

Event Organisers: Now you have cover photos on Facebook

One of the many changes Facebook has made to their events system (they are also about to begin linking directly to ticket purchasing systems) is finally updating the aesthetics of each event. Event promoters can now upload a cover photo, allowing them to showcase more of the event and give a taste of the atmosphere […]

Facebook now suggests other Pages, when you Like a Page

Now if that isn’t cheek-in-mouth we don’t know what is… Companies, our clients included, are paying for campaigns that bring their customers and followers to their fan pages. But once they click the all-important “Like” button, they are now greeted with other suggestions of pages they could Like too. Although, it’s pretty and slick, it’s […]

5 Reasons Why we can’t wait for Ubuntu for Android

We’ve been continuously refreshing Ubuntu’s website hoping for a glimpse of when we’ll be able to get our hands on their Android offering. And this is why… They’re basically stating the obvious. We continuously find ourselves working via our phones. Duplicating apps, settings, files and shifting conversations across our devices as we move around. Now […]

Facebook announced a new product today

Facebook announced their brand new product called Graph Search (you need to apply to the waiting-list for the private beta) that will allow you to… get this… Search Facebook. No kidding! But don’t get us wrong, it looks amaaaazing. Typing in simple English gets you amazing results, on a platform you can’t currently find “that awesome video […]

Facebook increases Share Link size.

Nice to see that Facebook has realised that shared links are just as important for users as they are for brands. They’ve increased the size of shared links so they’re more noticeable, readable and clickable. This goes for everything except YouTube and other video links it appears. What do you think? Like it or hate […]

Facebook Timelines getting cleaner ‘single column’ re-design

We have been following the stories that Facebook was pushing out a new update to the much debated Timeline product, which replaced Profiles for both people and brands a while ago. We expected a more rapid global rollout so we could play with it before publishing, but it appears the majority of users who get […]

Personalised New Music Alerts on Facebook

Spending the hundreds of hours we do on Facebook, we are constantly noticing new things here and there. Today I was greeted by ‘Recently Released Albums’ section on my newsfeed. It recommended an album of an artist I ‘Like’ and may have listened to on Deezer (the app linked to the block). After clicking on […]

Brace Yourselves: ‘Get Notifications’ posts are coming!

We’ve seen a rapid rise in posts from social media consultants and ‘gurus’ about the current test by Facebook to allow fans to opt-in to getting notifications whenever a post is shared from a specific brand timeline. Hidden under the ‘like’ button on brand timelines users can not choose to ‘get notifications’. What this means […]

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