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The Bulk Sync functionality in eWI Core only syncs registered customers and two attributes (their order count and total spend).

This plugin adds a new Bulk Sync utility to automatically tag your Intercom customers with the names of the products (and active subscriptions) they've purchased.

This addon requires that our Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin is installed and working first.

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Currently in testing, may be merged into eWI core at a later date.


Keys: Added. Updated. Fixed. Removed. Thanks. Security.


Released 23/09/2019

Fixed bug not syncing subscriptions.

Added Bulk Smart Tagging for Subscriptions if activated in eWI Core.
New ‘ewi_bs_product_types’ filter for adding new product types for Tag Bulk Syncing.
New ‘ewi_bs_subscrption_types’ filter for adding new subscription types for Smart Tag Bulk Syncing.


Released 16/09/2019

Extended ‘ewi_bs_get_orders_statuses’ filter for count of orders syncing.

Bumped min WooCommerce version compatibility to 3.7.0


Released 07/06/2018

Fixed bug causing fatal error on trying to sync Refund order type.


Released 06/06/2018

Guest checkouts now synced along with their product tags.
New ‘ewi_bs_get_orders_statuses’ filter for adding new order statuses for syncing.
New ‘ewi_bs_order_batch_size’ filter for adjusting number or orders to process per batch.
New ‘ewi_bs_order_count_result’ filter for the result of wc_orders_count(‘completed’).

Swapped get_posts with wc_get_orders for better future compatibility.
Swapped WP_Query with wc_get_products for better future compatibility.
Swapped wp_count_posts with wc_orders_count for better future compatibility.
Removed deprecated methods for accessing parameters.
Bumped min WooCommerce version compatibility to 3.0.0

Fixed bug preventing product variations from being tagged.


Released 03/05/2017

Background: parsing of orders into product-to-users pairs.
Background: parsing of transients and preparing for syncs.
Background: syncing to Intercom with debug logging.
Background: check if Active subscription before tagging users.
Admin Panel: Added ‘Bulk Sync Tags’ link.


Private Beta

Initial Release – sponsored by eWI Attributes Addon customers.

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