eWI Memberships Addon

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This addon for our WooCommerce to Intercom syncing plugin, adds functionality for SkyVerge’s popular WooCommerce Membership addon.

Developed under the patronage of a Sponsored Sprint by one of our happy customers.

See description below for changelog and more details.


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17 Dec 2020

Patched fatal error on cron-based event triggers.



Added ‘Membership Created’ event.

Switched the ‘membership created’ trigger from ‘wc_memberships_user_membership_saved’ to ‘wc_memberships_grant_membership_access_from_purchase’.
Switched event syncing from asynchronous to inline syncing.

25% off licences promotion expired. 12.5% discount till next update.



Fixed bug that re-tagged a cancelled Membership as active.

50% off licences promotion expired. 25% discount till next update.



Added tagging when user has been granted membership access, either from purchase, from programmatically creating memberships, or from admin action.
Added handling of Intercom API rate limiting for Bulk Syncing of Membership tags.

Fixed bug preventing Bulk Syncing of Membership tags not proceeding after first batch.



Added tag/untag of Member Tag to Bulk Syncing.



Added Bulk Syncing of all current Membership Statuses.

Swapped ‘Membership Status Changed’ event to ‘Membership Status: {Status}’ for more useful filtering.



Two settings to Intercom Integration page (tag for user holding any membership, and a toggle whether to tag users with status changes)

When a Membership changes (automatically or manually by admin/user) it checks if previous toggle is enabled, and then tags them with “{Membership Name} – {New Status}” and removes tag “{Membership Name} – {Old Status}”.

When a Membership changes (automatically or manually by admin/user) it checks if user has ANY active memberships and then tags them with title given on settings page (defaults to ‘member’).

When a Membership changes (automatically or manually by admin/user) it syncs an event called “Membership Status Changed” to that user’s profile with the from/to statuses as meta_data.

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