Facebook Tests Paid Posts. Going back on Promise or Extending features?

A few months ago we covered how Facebook officially said that there was no plans to implement a premium user group to boost their revenue. Today however a few friends of ours were greeting with an option to pay to promote or highlight their posts to even more people. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to the […]

Why Google’s new privacy policy is good for YOU

We have taken a back seat and watched as the internet complains about how Google Inc will be ‘spying’ on us and be able to give access to all our information for selling ads. Now we need to speak up, and argue that this sharing of information is a great thing, for you, the consumer. […]

About Ads: Ever wonder how Facebook makes money?

Facebook has just popped up with a new message allegedly allowing users to find out ‘how Facebook makes money’. Could this be a new insight for page owners on how to setup ads? Or for the general public to see how ads work for future marketing purposes? Currently the links don’t point to anywhere and […]

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