Could BlackBerry be saved under the new CEO at RIM?

A few hours ago it was reported that there was an internal leadership change. This is welcomed news to shareholders, BlackBerry enthusiasts and bloggers alike. It’s been a horrible year for the guys at RIM with the failed PlayBook launch, copyright disputes about the name of their new OS and the outages we all remember […]

Reminder to Blackberry Users: Install this now!

A while ago I blogged about a free application that could help you locate a stolen/misplaced Blackerry device over on my personal blog. Since then however, several of my friends and colleagues have still managed to lose their devices. For this reason, I am posting a reminder to other Blackberry device users to head over […]

Wake up Samsung, Apple and HTC! RIM is down!

We noticed earlier today that Blackberry’s Internet Services had been down in Manchester, United Kingdom. A few moments ago, Blackberry announced (via their fan-page on Facebook) that there was a problem with their services in Europe, Africa and other regions. The question popped straight into our minds… as people became visually upset about the outage […]

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