We’re not abandoning Cyprus… we’re working to enable it.

We’ve been promoting events, news and opinions in Cyprus since OnThisIsland.com first went live on the 5th of April 2005. We, like many other Cyprus-based businesses, had very different plans for what we wanted to be doing in April of 2013, ours even included an 8th-birthday celebration for that little corner of the web. But, alas, the […]

Exclusive Synergy of Social Media Services for Cyprus Market

It is our great pleasure to announce the official signing of an agreement with Divine Advertising for the exclusive representation of Ektagon’s Social Media services in the Cypriot market. Divine Advertising has been a leader in the Cypriot advertising market for some time now, having guided their many grateful clients through highly successful campaigns that […]

Chrome surpassed IE as second most used browser in Cyprus in 2011

Whilst compiling statistics for our OnThisIsland.com network, we noticed that Internet Explorer was knocked further down the podium of browsers of choice by the thousands of users from around the island. In 2010, 34.5% of visitors to OnThisIsland.com used Internet Explorer whilst only 16.7% used Chrome. Firefox sat as the favourite browser, with 36.3% the […]

2011 in Numbers for OnThisIsland.com

Here’s a quick overview of the stupendously great year we’ve had running OnThisIsland.com in 2011. 2011 saw a steady 24.6% increase in visits, bringing the total number to over 100,000. The unique visitors count also jumped by 20.1% throughout 2011, closing off the count at 77,298. Page-views throughout the year also increased by 17.1% from 2010’s numbers. On a side-note: Chrome surpassed IE as second […]

69% of Cyprus is on Facebook, highest in the world!

As if we needed to remind companies in Cyprus as to why they should be concentrating more and more effort into social media, but a study by the guys at Pingdom has proved that the country with most Facebook users as a percentage of total population is our lovely island of Cyprus. With 553,900 users from Cyprus […]

cydel widget pushes Cypriot online event promotion into a new era

Yesterday we opened up the Cyprus Dynamic Events List widget to the public, and some great sites have joined in to provide their users with a live feed of the island’s biggest upcoming events directly from OnThisIsland.com’s constantly maintained database. How this helps OnThisIsland’s new partners Since launching OnThisIsland.com in 2005, we have spent hundreds […]

Don’t get burned by short-term social-media decisions

Don’t get burned by making bad decisions in the online marketing game. Have a read over some of my observations of what to look out for when choosing who to trust with your brand’s online presence. Everyone has realised that a shift to newer and more interactive forms of marketing is inevitable, and its for […]

A question for brand managers and marketing directors…

If you work in marketing or are in charge of a brand’s image we have a question for you… Whilst social-networks do provide the ability to perform ‘DIY-marketing’, should your brand really be experimenting? We have always worked hard on providing quality competition platforms and online marketing solutions to our clients. These not only work […]

Getting a Cypriot charity 743,600 Blue Social Spots

From 11th of February till the 25th of March (2011) we ran the online competition for S7SCharity on our very own LikePix platform. (See the project details in our porfolio listing.) This article explains how the platform got the S7S Charity appeal almost a quarter of a million Blue Social Spots. We should probably start […]

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