Instagram Web Profiles for Some, On The Way for the rest of us

We all knew it was coming, and with it’s completed acquisition by Facebook, it’s about time Instagram made use of their space on the ‘traditional’ web. And how they have! Beautiful timeline-like profiles can be found for some popular brands (see Nike for eg) and more functionality in the commenting and liking areas has been added. “This […]

Design Change for Notifications on Brand Timelines show Photos

One thing we are very aware of is that photos are big part of the future of social media for brands. And Facebook know’s this too. With the latest change to the notification area of the Admin Panel, content administrators can now see what photos a user has liked or commented on in a glance. […]

Beautiful Photo Collage Pages coming to Facebook!

In an attempt to make photo browsing a more enjoyable experience, the photo panel of timelines will soon be switched to a beautiful collage mode. Although the official news story from Facebook doesn’t state when we will see a global rollout of this feature, we are looking forward to yet another upgrade to the way […]

Facebook Updates Photo Browser, Again!

Facebook have upgraded their overlay pop-up photo browser. From our observations this is good for: Brands/Users – More emphasis is given to the source of the image. Whether it be a user or a fan page, the prominence of the information may lead to more followers if a photo is re-shared. Advertisers – More prominent […]

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