Facebook announced a new product today

Facebook announced their brand new product called Graph Search (you need to apply to the waiting-list for the private beta) that will allow you to… get this… Search Facebook. No kidding! But don’t get us wrong, it looks amaaaazing. Typing in simple English gets you amazing results, on a platform you can’t currently find “that awesome video […]

How to spot an online scam quickly

Many many many many many many (yes, that many, if not more) people around the world have fallen for scams on social networks. These scams promise discounts, prizes and gifts from many popular brands but instead steal personal information and use your friend’s sense of security to spread to your friends and family. So, how […]

Exclusive Synergy of Social Media Services for Cyprus Market

It is our great pleasure to announce the official signing of an agreement with Divine Advertising for the exclusive representation of Ektagon’s Social Media services in the Cypriot market. Divine Advertising has been a leader in the Cypriot advertising market for some time now, having guided their many grateful clients through highly successful campaigns that […]

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