First Impressions of the New Facebook Timeline layout

Having a look at the new Facebook Timeline layout, it’s growing on me, and this is why. 1) Separation between Information and Interactions  Finally, it’s easy to see the difference between Information (the things one does, likes, watches, goes, listens to, pins, follows and acts on) and their Interactions (status updates, wall posts, shared links, […]

Facebook Timelines getting cleaner ‘single column’ re-design

We have been following the stories that Facebook was pushing out a new update to the much debated Timeline product, which replaced Profiles for both people and brands a while ago. We expected a more rapid global rollout so we could play with it before publishing, but it appears the majority of users who get […]

Design Change for Notifications on Brand Timelines show Photos

One thing we are very aware of is that photos are big part of the future of social media for brands. And Facebook know’s this too. With the latest change to the notification area of the Admin Panel, content administrators can now see what photos a user has liked or commented on in a glance. […]

ANOTHER reason why users will HATE groups for Brands on Facebook

We’ve been going on and on and on about why brands should NOT create groups, but instead use Fanpages/Brand Timelines… Today, Facebook began rolling out a feature that shows you exactly who has seen each post. (via Techcrunch) This is not a bad thing when a group is used for it primary function, but users […]

Facebook adds ‘Voice’ Menu for page admins

Just noticed a cheeky update to our fanpage/timeline on Facebook, that allows admins to choose how they respond/interact as they work. Previously, admins needed to choose an overall setting as to how they would be displayed in comments and likes on their brands’ timelines. Now, admins can choose how to be portrayed on a case-by-case […]

Facebook Tip: No timeline yet? This is how to get yours now.

With more and more users getting their timeline, a lot have asked us how to get their timeline activated. Don’t forget to Like Ektagon on Facebook or Follow Ektagon on Twitter for more useful tips and industry news. The process is simple: Click here and then click ‘Get Timeline’. If this worked for you, please leave a comment below and let us know where […]

Facebook Timeline being released worldwide! Have you got yours yet?

It appears more and more people around the world are getting their ‘Timelines‘. With a gradual rollout from New Zealand announced, expect to see an evolution of your friends’ profiles around the world. From an official Facebook blogpost: UPDATE on Tuesday, December 6, 2011: Beginning Timeline Rollout in New Zealand We announced Timeline in September […]

FB Timeline: Your Activity Feed (Control what is shown)

As we continue to dig deeper into the new Timeline profiles on Facebook, we came across the ‘Activity Feed‘. This will become a blessing to many users who would like to streamline or manually edit what appears in their timeline. The activity feed is available and visible to you, only. You can go back till […]

FB Timeline: User Information

Over the next few days we will be testing and implementing upgrades across our platforms to allow for more integration into the new Facebook Timelines. During this process we will also be posting updates to cool features, bugs or for-your-info’s about this new profile structure on the social network. Today we looked at the User […]

Mindblowing Facebook change: New profile layout (timeline)

As the heart of the Facebook experience is the profile, they are releasing a new layout that will allow you to express yourself more over a long period of time, rather than just right now. The way they propose to do this is by enabling a new layout in the form of a ‘timeline’ that […]

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