How, and Why, to quickly add Open Graph meta tags to your WordPress Blog

Meta tags are little snippets that give robots, search engines and social networks information on your articles. Let us go over how to add them to your wordpress blog and then why and then even give you a bonus once you’ve gotten it all done. First, the how: We found a quick little plugin for […]

You wouldn’t buy fake condoms. The same goes for Likes/Followers.

Brands all over the world are still ‘buying‘ likes and followers to appear to have the following online that matches the expectation created by their perceived offline popularity. (A bit of a mouthful we know, but bear with us) Whilst we can understand the WANT to appear to have 10’s of thousands more likes or […]

Facebook Chat: Choose who sees you online

We’ve often heard of people disabling the whole Facebook chat service because they don’t like to let everyone of their friends seeing that they’re online. This might be even more necessary during exam, work, or quiet time. You may not want the whole of your social circle being able to talk to you, but allow […]

How to use memes in Facebook Chat

ALL MEMES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP AT Simply click on the face/meme/logo you would like to use and a popup will give you the copy paste code for your chat window. No download, no extension, use it from anywhere.

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