First Impressions of the New Facebook Timeline layout

Having a look at the new Facebook Timeline layout, it’s growing on me, and this is why. 1) Separation between Information and Interactions  Finally, it’s easy to see the difference between Information (the things one does, likes, watches, goes, listens to, pins, follows and acts on) and their Interactions (status updates, wall posts, shared links, […]

Easy Privacy Settings rolled out on Facebook. Have you changed yours?

You may have noticed that Facebook has started rolling out easier privacy settings. Split into three main blocks, namely “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”, it appears Facebook has heard the three main concerns of it’s users and reacted in a neat and […]

Facebook Messages gets a new design and more features

A while ago Facebook promised a new release to their messaging system and we’ve just been switched onto it. From what we see, its fast, easy to use and packs new features. These new features include: Messaging more people – this includes friends of friends, and also includes delivery and read status. Networking should be […]

Facebook adds ‘Voice’ Menu for page admins

Just noticed a cheeky update to our fanpage/timeline on Facebook, that allows admins to choose how they respond/interact as they work. Previously, admins needed to choose an overall setting as to how they would be displayed in comments and likes on their brands’ timelines. Now, admins can choose how to be portrayed on a case-by-case […]

Facebook adds ‘Go to friend’s timeline’ to chat

It’s not a big update, but we saw that Facebook has added a little gem to their chat system. Hovering over a friend’s name now displays a new button to go directly to their timeline. Well done Facebook, and thanks for listening to your users’ ideas!

Multiple open chat windows on Facebook, bug or feature?

We noticed that more than one chat window was staying open for some of us yesterday… this we assumed was a bug due to the way Facebook’s chat used to mess up in the past. We then noticed that all the conversations continued to work as expected. This made us realise that it hadn’t crashed, […]

WeLoveGuaba Top 10 will now ALL win prizes

Having watched how competitive the platform is getting, it has been decided to award prizes to everyone who finishes in the top 10 at the closing of the competition. In addition to the top spot taking €300 worth of drink vouchers at Guaba Beach Bar, the top 10 photos will also grab the users […]

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