6 reasons to use WordPress for your startup MVP

So you’ve got an idea for a new online company, but you haven’t got the foggiest about how to put something together that you can show to folks and gauge their interest. What you’re after is known commonly as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the startup world. You want to be able to give […]

Hackers directing an international 100,000-bot attack on WordPress sites

According to TechCrunch, sources at both HostGator and CloudFlare have been seeing a spike in bot attempts to bruteforce the login details for administrator accounts on WordPress sites across their networks. Although they’ve advised admins to use long-difficult passwords and various preventative plugins, the number of bots at this groups disposal is thought to be […]

How, and Why, to quickly add Open Graph meta tags to your WordPress Blog

Meta tags are little snippets that give robots, search engines and social networks information on your articles. Let us go over how to add them to your wordpress blog and then why and then even give you a bonus once you’ve gotten it all done. First, the how: We found a quick little plugin for […]

Busy testing out Facebook’s new official WordPress tie-in

It’s been a while coming, and today Facebook finally announced their own official plugin for WordPress. We’ve just begun testing it now, and will be doing even more vigurous testing with our partners at Divine Advertising over the next few weeks. (We are still busy testing another social integration method that opens up a site […]

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