Blue Social Spots (BSS) Definition

Blue Social Spots (BSS) is not a generally known term, so we will use this page to describe its definition.

We define it as the number of potential users who may come across an instance of a social-media mention/interaction on Facebook.

For example, should one user share content on their wall, the number of true BSS generated is equivalent to the number of friends the user has (as that is the number of potential users who will come across the shared content).

Now as we cannot calculate an accurate number of BSS, as we obviously respect the privacy of our users and their friends, so we use Facebook’s average number of friends of 130 (source) to calculate the amount of BSS our platforms achieve. This number is used even though we know for sure that the number of friends a user has is growing, especially in Cyprus, where the average number of friends is much higher.


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