WordPress Problem Solving

We’ve been building upon WordPress even before Ektagon launched as a company.

From pulling together a handful of awesome plugins and a beautiful theme to form a working MVP; or hacking together a way for two plugins to play nice together; or even building a custom plugin to implement new creative functionality… we’ve seen (and solved) countless WordPress-related problems.

In order to help even more brilliant businesses grow, we’re launching a brand new set of problem solving services for WordPress site owners.

  • Emergency Support

    Get an almost-instant* response and support to get your WordPress website back up and running from a ‘white screen of death’ or fatal PHP error.

    Get Emergency Support

  • Monthly Support

    Running a business through a WordPress website, doesn’t mean you’ll ever want to manage all the plugins and themes yourself. Let us help.

    Grab Monthly Support

  • Bespoke Development

    Need to build something special above WordPress? Want two plugins to play nice? Or just want some extra functionality? Let us dive in and do the tweaking for you.

    Let’s get hacking