Setup Instructions for eWI Core

Thanks for purchasing the WooCommerce to Intercom syncing plugin.

Below are some instructions to get you set up and syncing seamlessly in no-time.

Ofcourse, if you run into ANY trouble getting set up, we’re here to help.

Installation instructions:

  • If you have ‘Intercom for WordPress’ plugin installed, please deactivate this first. It can sometimes lead to duplicate Users in your Intercom account.
  • Download the latest version of WooCommerce to Intercom syncing plugin from your ektagon account.
  • Go to Plugins Add New Upload in your WP-Admin backend.
  • Upload the downloaded file, and activate the plugin.
  • Click the ‘Setup’ link underneath the now activated ‘WooCommerce Intercom Integration’ plugin.
    For future reference, settings for the plugin live under WP-Admin WooCommerce Settings Integrations Intercom.
  • Enter your App ID from Intercom.
  • Enter your Personal Access Token.
    • You’ll be asked to create a Personal Access Token in Intercom, you only need to create one with Standard Permissions.
    • Note 1: When copying this token across, make sure you don’t forget the trailing ‘=’ sign. Missing that character will lead to ‘Unauthorized’ responses from Itnercom.
    • Note 2: Please keep this token private, our team will NEVER ask for it, and it’s stored directly in your database and never sent to ektagon’s servers.
  • For virtual products you should use ‘Enable Payment Actions’ settings, as these trigger when an order is marked as Completed.
  • For non-virtual products or orders that aren’t automatically completed, use ‘Enable Thank You page Actions’ settings, which trigger on the WooCommerce standard thank you/confirmation page.
  • We recommend enabling the Debug Log for the first day or so, so that you can make sure things are working nicely. See debug instructions below for troubleshooting and fining the debug log.
  • Click save.

Testing Your Setup:

  • Make sure you have followed the Installation Instructions and have enabled Debug Logging in our plugin settings.
  • Login to your admin account on your woocommerce store.
  • Go to your ‘My Account’ page on the front-end of your WooCommerce store.
  • If you have any test/dummy orders there, click on one of them to get to the Order Details front-end page.
  • If you have a search bar on your site, search for ‘test’ or one of your product’s names.
  • Go to Intercom and click on your Admin’s user profile.
  • On the right hand column, you should now see 3 new events, namely ‘Viewed Account’, ‘Viewed Order’ and ‘Used Search’.
  • If you do not see your Admin user account or the three events in Intercom, try either of the two debugging steps below.
  • If that’s all showing nicely, your store is now connected to your Intercom account and new users/events and purchases will be synced in real-time.
  • To sync across all your existing registered customers, you can use the ‘Bulk Sync’ link under the ‘Woocommerce Intercom Integration’ on your Plugins page.
    • Note: This will only sync across returning customers or those who registered at checkout.
    • Note: It will sync across their customer data and their Total Spend and Number of Orders, to tag them with purchased orders or active subscriptions, please check out the Bulk Sync Tags addon.

Debugging Non-Syncing:

  • First confirm that the Intercom Widget is showing on the front-end of your website.
  • If it isn’t, please make sure the Intercom App ID is correct, and if you’ve enabled Identify Verification / Whitelist domains, that they’re setup correctly.
  • If the widget is showing, but the events are not coming through to Intercom, please double check that you copied across the Personal Access Token correctly (including that pesky little ‘=’ sign at the end).
  • Try testing the set up again.
  • If you’ve done both of these, and you’re still not seeing any events in Intercom, please locate your debug log at
  • Contact ektagon support.