WP Zendesk Tickets plugin changelog


  • Fixed: Output of thumbnails if an upload is an image


  • Fixed: Typo that can lead to fatal error when plugin isn’t configured yet.
  • Fixed: Missing escaping of attribute output.


  • Added: Tests for auto-updating.


  • Fixed: removed preloader from single-ticket layout.
  • Added: alert template and output when WP user not registered with Zendesk.
  • Tweak: width of composer to fit better in more themes.
  • Fixed: typo that was breaking single-ticket layouts.
  • Fixed: dependencies for our front-end JS.
  • Fixed: referencing in licesing module.
  • Added: bootstrap-grid and boostrap-js assets.
  • Fixed: removed debug log from repo.
  • Fixed: typo causing fatal error at init on some setups.
  • Added: headers in preparation for Zendesk Marketplace.
  • Fixed: typo which broke licensing module.


  • Added: licensing module
  • Fixed: asset versioning for better management.
  • Fixed: column titles for localization.


  • Beta release

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