Syncing Lifetime Spend and Number of Orders from Woocommerce to Intercom

With the release of Woocommerce 2.6.0 yesterday, we’re super happy to be releasing the next version of our Woocommerce to Intercom plugin too 🙂

In today’s release, we’ve added in the highly requested functionality to automatically sync across a customer’s Lifetime Spend (or LTV for you KPI aficionados) and total number of completed orders.

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You’ll have to disable, and then delete, the current installation of our plugin before uploading the new version.

Not to worry though, automatic updates are high on our dev plans, along with a bunch of other great functionality.

What we’re working on:

  • Automatic updates through licence codes.
  • Allow new customers to be given a tag of choice when first synced to Intercom.
  • Ability to toggle events on/off per hook.
  • Bulk syncing previous orders/customers to Intercom.

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