Bulk Syncing customers from Woocommerce to Intercom

Today’s release of v0.4.0 of the ektagon Woocommerce to Intercom (eWI) plugin includes a security/privacy patch and 4 bug fixes and the long awaited and highly requested Bulk Sync functionality.

Before adding the functionality to the setting’s page, we’ve snuck the action link onto the WordPress Plugin page (where you’d install the plugin from) so as to avoid mistaken clicks. This will be moved in a future version, and will receive a cleaner UX with on-screen updates.

When hitting the ‘Bulk Sync’ action link after installing the update, the site will run through all your Woocommerce customers, add them to Intercom if they don’t already exist and then update their Total Spend and Total Number.

This happens on the server side, but could take between 10s and 2mins to load, depending on the number of customers your site has. Once completed, this will return a message telling you just how many records were synced.



Note: Although we’ve actively tested the Bulk Sync functionality ourselves, we’d advise setting up a quick test account on Intercom and syncing the content at least once, to see how it arrives in Intercom.

If you have purchased the eWI plugin, just login and contact our team via Intercom on the bottom right, if we can help you get a test account setup.


Handling Custom Attributes

This update also adds functionality for extending functionality, and due to public demand we’ve released an affordable eWI Bespoke Attribute addon, which can get your own attributes synced via a managed and constantly updated plugin.

If you have any questions about any of the changes made in this version, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or via Intercom (after logging in).

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