2011 in Numbers for OnThisIsland.com

Here’s a quick overview of the stupendously great year we’ve had running OnThisIsland.com in 2011. 2011 saw a steady 24.6% increase in visits, bringing the total number to over 100,000. The unique visitors count also jumped by 20.1% throughout 2011, closing off the count at 77,298. Page-views throughout the year also increased by 17.1% from 2010’s numbers. On a side-note: Chrome surpassed IE as second […]

WeLoveGuaba reached 1,570,270 BSS

We are proud to release the results of the WeLoveGuaba campaign for our friends at Guaba Beach Bar. The campaign used our LikePix platform and returned a massive return on investment in attracting 34,164 visits that spanned over 190,473 branded page-views. As usual we analyse our platform’s reach by calculating it’s Blue Social Spots… This […]

Getting a Cypriot charity 743,600 Blue Social Spots

From 11th of February till the 25th of March (2011) we ran the online competition for S7SCharity on our very own LikePix platform. (See the project details in our porfolio listing.) This article explains how the platform got the S7S Charity appeal almost a quarter of a million Blue Social Spots. We should probably start […]

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