ANOTHER reason why users will HATE groups for Brands on Facebook

We’ve been going on and on and on about why brands should NOT create groups, but instead use Fanpages/Brand Timelines… Today, Facebook began rolling out a feature that shows you exactly who has seen each post. (via Techcrunch) This is not a bad thing when a group is used for it primary function, but users […]

Messages enabled for brand pages on Facebook

What an exciting day, and the Facebook Marketing Conference hasn’t even started yet! We just noticed that users will be able to message a brand privately. This could become a crucial part of the customer service a brand can now offer directly through Facebook. From what we can tell, users can message a brand and […]

It’s official: Brands are getting timelines on Facebook [pics]

We were waiting patiently, whilst preparing a few campaigns for launch tomorrow, to hear how Facebook was planning to change the marketing of brands through it’s network. We all expected them to announce the timelines for pages and many worried about what implications this would be for the tabs we have all invested massive resources […]

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