Bye bye fake fan-counts! Facebook FINALLY starts removing fake accounts

It’s a story we’re very very happy with as Facebook starts removing hundreds of thousands of accounts that were setup for use by ‘Like-sellers’ and the like to spoof the popularity of some products and the success of some projects. Our response: Good riddance! And here’s why. Kudos Facebook for stepping up and eliminating such […]

Beautiful Photo Collage Pages coming to Facebook!

In an attempt to make photo browsing a more enjoyable experience, the photo panel of timelines will soon be switched to a beautiful collage mode. Although the official news story from Facebook doesn’t state when we will see a global rollout of this feature, we are looking forward to yet another upgrade to the way […]

‘Want’ button coming to Facebook, wish-lists and social commerce to follow

Trending all over ‘social’ circles today is the discovery by Tom Waddington of the upcoming ‘Want’ button, that we assume will allow users around the world to add items to a wish-list on Facebook that any app can access (with your permission of course). This opens up the gateway to many forms of social commerce […]

Facebook Timeline being released worldwide! Have you got yours yet?

It appears more and more people around the world are getting their ‘Timelines‘. With a gradual rollout from New Zealand announced, expect to see an evolution of your friends’ profiles around the world. From an official Facebook blogpost: UPDATE on Tuesday, December 6, 2011: Beginning Timeline Rollout in New Zealand We announced Timeline in September […]

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