How to remove MyBizCard and stop annoying your LinkedIn contacts

We’ve seen many many many, well too damn many, messages and complaints about the way spams people’s contacts on LinkedIn. Whilst I haven’t used the service, and cannot vouch for it’s usefulness, I can provide the information you may need to get rid of it, you know, if you want to: 1) Click ‘Settings‘ […]

Get FREE AntiVirus for 6 months with Facebook Security

A few days ago, Facebook announced that they have reached a partnership with some major online security companies. In order to enforce how seriously it takes user’s online security and privacy, they have informed us that they will be combining efforts to combat the rise in eWorms and Scams that are designed to spread via […]

‘Justin Bieber found dead’ hoax explained.

Clever trick makes SPAM look ‘trustable’ Spammers have found an uncontrolled redirect on the BBC website and are using it to spread a hoax about the death of Justin Bieber. The link points to the following domain :[hostile-website-url] which was presenting the link as a BBC web-story. The story is false, and is a […]

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