How to lower your chance of being hacked or having your account stolen.

We’ve all heard or seen horror stories about peoples (and even companies) accounts being stolen or hacked on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and everywhere else. What you probably haven’t heard is that most services (even Twitter from today) have a system called Two Factor Authentification. What is it anyways? As LifeHacker puts it, Two Factor Authentification […]

New Anorexia Made her a Freak Facebook Scam Tricks Hundreds

Those sneaky little scammers are at it again, with hundreds of young ladies falling for the trick. They first bait them in with a shared comment along the lines of: Once clicked you are met with what appears to be a faded out ‘Youtube’ Page. In order to continue you must ‘prove you are a […]

Great! You’ve got a facebook worm – get rid of it in 4 steps!

What is a Facebook Worm? It’s basically an app/extension that abuses the trust your friends hold for your shared content, to persuade them to install the same app, and thus spread to their friends and so on, and so on. They spread by creating photos, events, videos, sharing links, status updates, sending messages or other […]

Brace Yourselves: ‘Get Notifications’ posts are coming!

We’ve seen a rapid rise in posts from social media consultants and ‘gurus’ about the current test by Facebook to allow fans to opt-in to getting notifications whenever a post is shared from a specific brand timeline. Hidden under the ‘like’ button on brand timelines users can not choose to ‘get notifications’. What this means […]

Remember when I told you not to make multiple personal accounts on Facebook?

A few years ago, I got into several pretty heated debates with people who were creating multiple personal accounts on the social network to surpass the 5,000 friend limit…. I was told quite bluntly to leave them alone and that ‘I would understand when I could get to 5,000 friends’. Recently, I’ve noticed quite a […]

Facebook Tip: No timeline yet? This is how to get yours now.

With more and more users getting their timeline, a lot have asked us how to get their timeline activated. Don’t forget to Like Ektagon on Facebook or Follow Ektagon on Twitter for more useful tips and industry news. The process is simple: Click here and then click ‘Get Timeline’. If this worked for you, please leave a comment below and let us know where […]

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