You wouldn’t buy fake condoms. The same goes for Likes/Followers.

Brands all over the world are still ‘buying‘ likes and followers to appear to have the following online that matches the expectation created by their perceived offline popularity. (A bit of a mouthful we know, but bear with us) Whilst we can understand the WANT to appear to have 10’s of thousands more likes or […]

Amsterdam Red Light District – girls gone wild [Viral Video]

Working in online media everyday we see a storm of viral content, from videos to pics to memes to trending news. Every now and again, one piece of content will reach out and touch a nerve. Some make you smile, some make you sad, some even make you mad. Here’s one that hit us today. And […]

How YouTube could become more ‘social’ with Google+

Since we use YouTube a lot during the work day, and in our leisure time, we have noticed a feature that could ideally bring in the social-factor that Google has been struggling to capture for years. Although YouTube already has a built in community with comments and friends, why not incorporate the Google+ circles above it? How this could […]

Tag YouTube Videos under LOL, WTF, FAIL or others…

We spend A LOT of time on the internet and every now and again we see the big boys switching something new on and so we would like to report it to you our lovely readers. Whilst browsing YouTube videos, we noticed new buttons under each video allowing us to tag videos depending on a […]

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