How YouTube could become more ‘social’ with Google+

Since we use YouTube a lot during the work day, and in our leisure time, we have noticed a feature that could ideally bring in the social-factor that Google has been struggling to capture for years.

Although YouTube already has a built in community with comments and friends, why not incorporate the Google+ circles above it?

How this could work, in a fairly simple conceptual way, would be to show you which of your G+ friends had watched a specific video, and allow you to create a group chat or discussion with them about the actual video.

The benefit over the current system is that users are not sharing videos to other networks in order to chat about them, keeping them on the site longer and thus using G+ more.

There is obviously an issue about privacy, but think about implementing such a system onto VEVO where artists want friends to discuss their videos between each other, giving them more hits and more chatter.

What do you think? Could Google be planning to implement such features across their network?

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