The ‘exciting’ roller coaster spam-scam!

This spam-scam tries to convince you that it’s a legitimate video but then spreads the site via your Facebook wall…. using the ‘verification’ text as a ‘comment’.

Why is this a dead give-away? Have a read, so that you can avoid falling for future spam-scams!

1) YouTube is ALWAYS found at and not at, or any other domain, ALWAYS! (So check the web address matches the design to validate the authenticity.)

2) Why would YouTube ask you to enter an anti-spam code to watch the video? This is the text that will be displayed as ‘your comment’, see below. (Think logically, if you haven’t done anything, why should you be asked to do things)

3) The button does not match the site’s design and on putting your mouse over it, the tooltip at the bottom of the screen shows a domain. (No matter how good the promised content is, if something looks off, check for an alternative way to see the content. Do not get bullied into pressing buttons.)

We hope these three tips help you, and your friends!

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