CyprusHasTalent Voting reopened with less posts to Facebook

We spent all of last night (well most of it) rebuilding the viral mechanics of the platform so as to reopen the voting as soon as possible.

Voting is now re-enabled and the competition is running live and free again.
Click here to go and vote for who you think has the most talent on this island.

Users can now vote freely for between 3 and 5 contestants. There is no 30 min wait between votes as we found another way around the issue.

The Reason it broke:

Facebook has implemented a automated spam-avoidance system to protect their almost 1 billion users from spam-scams like the Amazon Scam we exposed recently.

Due to the immense passion of the fans behind the contestant for CyprusHasTalent, the automated sharing required for voting was unintentionally reported to Facebook as a spam virus.

We quickly rectified the system and adjusted the viral-component to only share every 3 hours, leaving users’ timelines and profiles less ‘spammy’.

Thanks for your understanding and happy voting.

Good luck to all the contestants from all of us at Ektagon!

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