Copy Paste Memes App for Facebook reaches 10,000 Users during testing

We have been working hard on several different platforms over the last few months, but in the first week of March we launched a public beta for a proof-of-concept app that made it easier to use memes in Facebook’s chat system.

The amply named ‘Copy Paste Memes‘ app, was built into the ektagon timeline to provide a searchable index of meme codes for Facebook chat, that we had collected from around the net. It provides an interface that could be used whilst chatting with friends, without the installation of additional plugins, extensions or downloaded applications. With over a hundred contributors getting involved with suggestions, ideas and requests the database quickly grew into an extensive database.

We are busy preparing to launch the first official stable version of the Copy & Paste Meme App, and just noticed that it has reached 10,000 monthly active users via organic growth. We are so happy that so many people are finding the app useful.

What you can expect to see in version 1:

  1. Ranked Requests – The most popular requests will be added first.
  2. Voting – An instant voting mechanism for whether memes worked for you, allowing us to fix broken codes and list the most popular memes for other users to see.
  3. More Categories – we know that some users would like to be able to use some generic images for birthdays, holidays and other non-meme based topics, we hear you and we’re building this in.
  4. More Filtering Options – Display Memes by ‘Most Popular’, ‘Most Votes’ and more.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or would like regular information on the updates of this application, please Like the project here: or leave a comment below.

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