Temporary Workspace Set up in Manchester, and the view aint bad either!

As we continue on our mission of launching a few- and consulting a few more- awesome projects, the time has come for us to grab some temporary workspace here in Manchester, expanding on our base in Cyprus.

We do not trade from this location, it’s more of a creative base. A space to inspire, be inspired, code, design, plan, research, maintain, improve and last but not least have a chat. Hector Kolonas, our managing director, graduated from the University of Manchester a few years ago and has always found the community quite motivating and inspirational, so many see this temporary workspace being the first step towards a full-time Manchester office in the future.

If you are based in Manchester and would like to come in for a chat with Hector, we will be scheduling coffee sessions next month. Do follow or like us on your favourite social network to be kept in-the-loop.

This doesn’t mean we have abandoned Cyprus though. Not at all. With our core business still being based on our lovely little island, we will continue providing an extremely powerful suite of services with Divine Advertising, our exclusive partner in the region.

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