Bye bye Copy & Paste Meme App for Facebook Chat!

The time has come for us to close up shop (and wipe the databases) at our Copy-and-Paste Meme App.

It’s been a lot of fun, and we saw 10’s of thousands of chatters use the app during its time online, but with the official sticker store being as beautiful as it is and our shift of focus here at ektagon, the decision was made a while ago to no longer support the app, and our most active users found out via comments and messages during the last few weeks.

The app was left open so as to allow those who wished to, to access the few working codes remaining, but as that number declines we are ready to switch off the application. The app will be replaced with a single crying dawson gif linking to this article to avoid any confusion as we shut it down.

What new focus you ask? No you didn’t? Well we’ll tell you anyways. We want to focus on helping entrepreneurs build up their businesses around the world.

If you’re interested in that project join Desk&Co on Facebook, Twitter, AngelList or LinkedIn.
If you’re not, well.. have a nice day anyways 🙂

Thanks for using the app, it was fun! We are still happy to keep you updated with Social Media tips, tricks and virus warnings via our Facebook page, so there’s that.


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