PSA: Removing “<=> CRAZY!” worm from Facebook

Over the last two days we’ve seen a rapidly spreading worm take over a number of Facebook accounts.

What is it?
The worm gets activated by clicking on a link to a video that ‘appears to be on facebook’ (please see how to spot a virus/scam page). By trying to watch a video it installs a chrome extension which then takes over your account and posts the link to your wall, tagging as many friends as possible.

Removal Instructions
1. Copy paste the following into your address bar: chrome://chrome/extensions/

2. On that page look for ‘MeasureIt’ or anything that looks dodgy.

3. Disable and remove the extension immediately.

4. Delete the posts from your Facebook wall via

5. Change all passwords for accounts you were logged into at the time.

6. Share this page with any friends who may have been infected.

A more in-depth removal process can be found here.

If you need any help removing this from your Account send us a message via here.

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