Event organisers, meet playbyplay.io coverage

This morning, we’re super proud to announce a brand new ektagon service, playbyplay.io.

One of the biggest problems with events is the fact that they are, by their very nature, time-sensitive… ie once they’re done, they done.

This means that trying to figure out what happened at that demo-day, conference, hackathon or other fast-paced event is a nightmare.

Or at least it used to be.

The playbyplay team creates a professionally curated chronicle from the event’s physical location, capturing the best of what was said, pitched, built or announced and making it available in real-time for the world to see.

During our extensive testing of supporting events with this kind of service, we’ve not only seen an increase in attendance for the events; but also growing support from their happy sponsors.

So the next time you’re putting together an event that’s share-worth, get in touch with the playbyplay.io team.

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