eWI Update: 17 Woocommerce Hooks now connected to Intercom

Action fired by eWI Plugin to Intercom from Woocommerce Hook
Action fired by eWI Plugin to Intercom from Woocommerce Hook

Over the last few weeks we’ve been testing the core functionality of our Woocommerce + Intercom plugin. As although there’s a lot of refactoring and polishing to do, we’ve begun letting early birds grab the plugin with a discount (see the bottom of this post for a discount coupon).

The core functionality triggers Intercom Events and/or Tags at the following Woocommerce actions:

  • New user registered
  • Viewed account page
  • Password reset
  • Address updated (both billing and shipping)
  • Searched for anything
  • Viewed product page
  • Added anything to cart
  • Removed anything from cart
  • Viewed cart page
  • Coupon applied to cart
  • Checkout process started
  • Payment process completed
  • Viewed past order details
  • Clicked to track order
  • Downloaded File
  • Re-ordered
  • and, Order cancelled

To grab this plugin early, with a whopping discount, use ewiearlybird as a coupon code at checkout.

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