eWI Update: v0.1 release notes

We’ve just uploaded the latest working version of our increasingly popular Woocommerce Intercom plugin.

This release, v0.1.0 patches a number of bugs, and lays the foundation for a lot more customisations to the controlling of the plugin moving forward.

added with this release:


  • ‘variation_title’ meta-data synced for all events generated via Woocommerce Subscriptions.
  • You can now choose whether to automatically insert Intercom JS into your site’s footer.


fixed with this release:


  • Better handling of syncing when a user doesn’t exist in Intercom yet. Fixes several reported bugs.
  • As requested, new customers not automatically tagged with Role type when first synced to Intercom.
  • Some users were affected by a bug preventing Intercom JS from being added into footer.
  • All syncing of customer information now sends over “First_Name Last_Name” instead of “Display_Name”.


what to expect in next releases:


  • Allow new customers to be given a tag of choice when synced to Intercom.
  • Add and Update a customer’s life-time value.
  • Ability to enable or disable all events.


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