Company details from Woocommerce now synced into Intercom

Summary: Our Woocommerce to Intercom syncing plugin (nicknamed eWI) now syncs both Company and Phone attributes into Intercom’s built-in fields too!

One of the most popular requests we were getting from our eWI customers was for the ability sync across Company details from orders, so that they can take advantage of Intercom’s powerful ‘Companies’ CRM features.

Company name syncing has been added to live events like ‘new customer registration’, ‘checkouts’ and visits from logged in customers, but we’ve also added it to the bulk syncing tool so you can quickly update all your customer companies in one go. Essentially, if your customers have entered a ‘Billing Company’ value at checkout, it can now be synced into the Companies part of the Intercom Platform.

In future versions we’ll be updating this to also sync monthly spend and other Company attributes. In the meantime, if there’s anything urgent you’d like to see, please let us know.

(If you haven’t checked out our free Intercom Chatlinks addon yet, try clicking the contact link above to see it in action.)

Another popular request was the syncing of ‘Billing Phone’ values from Woocommerce checkouts into Intercom’s built-in Phone attribute.

Originally, the API didn’t give us this ability, but now that they do… your syncing plugin (and the bulk syncing mechanism) handles this perfectly.

The rest of this update fixes some WC3.0 related bugs and clears out some code as we make way for both automatic updates and shift to OAuth, which is up next, finally! We can’t wait to roll that out too!

As always check the changelog for more details

Purchases of the Woocommerce to Intercom plugin comes with 1 year of free plugin updates and support.If you do not see the download in your account, you may need to purchase a new annual single-site licence.

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