It’s official: eWI WooCommerce syncing plugin added to Intercom Integrations hub

Earlier today, the Intercom Platform team have made our light-weight Woo-to-Intercom syncing plugin available via both their Integration page and in-app Integration hub making our integration available to all WooCommerce store owners looking to better leverage Intercom’s features and functionality.

On the 13th of August 2015, we published a small page mentioning that we had begun working on a plugin to connect WooCommerce to Intercom; and calling for store-owners who’d like to buy into the private beta.

Over the next 930 days we’d begin a journey that would help WooCommerce store owners provide insightful support and send perfectly-timed automatic messages to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. After a lengthy and thorough review of our integration, existing customer feedback and our novel but security-focussed integration flow; the Intercom team have made our day by making our integration even easier to find via to their Platform’s integration pages.

From our side, we couldn’t be more excited as we look at our todo list of planned updates, online documentation, new functionality; all designed to give you greater control of your eWI integration.

We look forward to giving even more WooCommerce store owners who use Intercom what looks, and feels, a lot like support super-powers!

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